Top 10 Best Massage Tables in 2019 Reviews

Receiving a good massage could take care of your stress, sore back, or a need for some pampering. Massage provides many health benefits and bolsters a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. If you are serious about a massage routine, then a home massage table is crucial. It is also important to a practitioner in training to have the right equipment.

All massage tables may seem the same at a first glance. However, there are key differences in design and features among the models. It is crucial that you chose the best table that works best for your clients. You should consider factors like frame material, upholstery, padding, accessories, adjustments, weight, and portability. This guide will give you general information on choosing the best massage table.

1 Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Get all that you need in a massage table with this package. The table is made of durable, high-quality hardwood to ensure stability and reliability. The 2.5-inch high-density foam provides adequate comfort to the client. It has a removable adjustable facial cradle, armrest, and arm supports. You do not need to worry about the durability of the upholstery, it has oil-resistant and waterproof PU leather and cotton fitted sheets.

Purchase a complete massage solutions kit that will serve you many years to come. The table folds compactly to fit a durable carry bag for transport. Get all that you need in one package.Buy Now on Amazon

2 BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

The low prices of this massage table may fool. Even though it sells for so little, it is a high-quality product that you can rely on to deliver. It comes complete with functional components to make your work easier. The beech frame gives it professional strength and a high weight limit of 450lb.

The tables fold easily and have a free carry case for portability. The two-inch thick small-cell foam padding gives it the necessary comfort while the waterproof and oil-resistant PU leather upholstery give it the class and durability. If you want a great massage but has a limited budget, this is the table to buy.Buy Now on Amazon

3 New Black 84″ Portable Massage Table

New Black 84

Experience a massage on this fully featured yet economical massage table. It is ideal for professionals, home users, and students alike. It is a hardwood precision-crafted table featuring two sections of high-density luxury padding for the best comfort during a massage session. It comes with standard accessories including a forward armrest shelf, an adjustable and removable facial cradle, a removable face portal, side arm extenders and a carry bag.Buy Now on Amazon

4 2.5″ Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed


With this massage table package, you can immediately start your massage business. The portable, high-quality massage table has a durable birch timber and a 2.5-inch high-density foam for the client’s comfort. The table comes with removable facial cradle, armrest, arm support, and coated tension wires to give the legs support and strength.

The 100 percent cotton fitted sheets protect the table. You also get an oil pouch, semi-circle bolster, a carry bag, and a towel hanger. The table has a waterproof and oil-resistant surface for improved durability. You can adjust the height between 23 and 33 inches.Buy Now on Amazon

5 Wide 4″ Pad Massage Table

Wide 4

This massage table can handle up to 600lb weight due to its high-quality beech frame. It comes complete with a luxury design and functional components. It folds easily to fit the free carry case for transport. Its 4-inch thick small-cell foam padding makes it very comfortable. The oil-resistant and waterproof PU leather makes it durable and soft. It measures 77 inches long and 30 inches wide making it a very large massage table. It serves professional masseuse’ better since it has a heavy-duty construction. This, however, does not make it less suited for massage therapy students.Buy Now on Amazon

6 BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

BestMassage products are known for their durability and reliability. This one is no exception. It can carry a maximum weight of 600 pounds and a static weight capacity of 2400 pounds making it the sturdiest table on the market. Its backrest has multiple adjustable incline levels with a range of up to 60 degrees. It is designed to make it fun and comfortable for both the giver and receiver of the massage. It also features an adjustable knee-raise and an oversized spa table legs.

The PU leather upholstery makes it soft, comfortable and durable. It is both waterproof and oil-resistant. The Reiki panels make it easy to access for facial works while the adjustable knee-raise is perfect for a pedicure.Buy Now on Amazon

7 Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

When you purchase the Sierra Comfort SC-901, you get an all-inclusive portable massage table. The full set of 100 percent cotton sheets cover and protect the facial cradle and table. It comes with a complete range of accessories including an oil pouch, semi-circle bolster, removable facial cradle, armrest, arm supports, and a durable carry bag.

The table has a durable beech wood construction and a 2.5-inch high-density foam for comfort. The coated tension wires provide strength and support to the legs. It measures 72 inches long and 28 inches wide with a height that can be adjusted from 23 to 33 inches.Buy Now on Amazon

8 Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

Experience the combination of convenience and comfort in a luxuriously designed massage table. Just fold and carry it wherever you want to use it. It is perfect for a massage therapist, home massage enthusiast, and massage students. Its professional-grade workmanship and the sturdy hardwood frame makes the table durable, reliable, and very stable. The high-quality steel support cables provide solid support hence its ability to carry a weight of up to 450 lb.Buy Now on Amazon

9 Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

This portable massage table is very rich in features and will make your work convenient. It is ideal for the massage professionals, therapy students as well as home users. It is precision-crafted for the best performance and reliability. Its hardwood construction makes it stable and durable even in heavy use. It has two sections of high-density luxurious padding for excellent comfort.Buy Now on Amazon

10 Montclair Professional Portable Massage Table

Montclair Professional Portable Massage Table

This is an extra wide, luxurious, and portable massage table with memory foam. Nothing is as comfortable as this model. Its face cradle is a sculptured ergonomic dream design with memory foam. It features Reiki leg panels and Shiatsu cable release. It is the best investment you will ever make in massage tables. It is sturdy, reliable, and luxurious for professional and home massage.Buy Now on Amazon

Types of massage tables and Massage Table Buying Guide

Portable massage table

This is a table that folds easily and is lightweight enough to move from place to place. It is suited for someone seeking to receive a massage while on vacation. It is also convenient for a masseuse who does home services and needs to move from client to client.

This type of table costs less and has many moving parts that may make a lot of noise. Most of them do not support larger individuals due to the middle hinge. When purchasing a portable massage table, you must consider the weight.

Stationary massage table

These types are designed to stay in one place and are usually sturdier and heavier. They do not have a middle hinge, and this makes them a better choice for larger individuals. They have mid-range prices; they are neither cheap nor very expensive. These massage tables often include some storage space for accessories, linens, and bolsters. Moving these tables require at least one helper since they are usually heavy. They do not allow for much adjustment in height like the portable ones.

Hydraulic/electric massage tables

You can easily raise or lower a hydraulic massage table. This makes it great for clients with difficulty climbing onto the table. These tables are usually sturdy and very durable. They offer more adjustment options than any other type.

The hydraulic and electric tables tend to be the most expensive on the market. For domestic use, it is not the best investment since it is designed for heavy-duty use that suits a commercial setting. They require repair works, which may be costly. Since they are heavy, they are not easy to move unless you get help.

Features to look out for

Features vary among models and massage table types. This makes it crucial that you get a table with all the features you need. Here are some of the major ones to consider.


Some tables have adjustable heights to make it easy for the user and for the clients to climb on. Some tables, however, vary in length and width. Get the one that will fit most clients.

Some models have adjustable or removable accessories like arm slings, armrests, and face cradles. Some have adjustable backrests. It is crucial that you consider all the features that make the table versatile and functional as desired.

If you want a massage table for domestic use, then one with tons of adjustable features may not be a wise choice. However, for a professional massage therapist, these adjustable features are important since you will be serving varying clients. They will be of different weights, heights, and different special needs.


A sturdy massage table is crucial to both the client and the massage therapist. The therapist needs the stability to support firm pressure when needed. The client, on the other hand, needs a stable table for his safety and peace of mind. When unsettled and uncomfortable, the client will not have the best massage experience. The masseuse will be massaging tense muscles that may leave the client sore. The professional massage therapist will have a reliable working table to massage clients of different weights without worry.


The most affordable massage tables are the portable ones. The stationary ones then the electric or hydraulic types follow this. Different models also have varying prices, and this can bring a lot of confusion to the buyer.
It is crucial that you set a budget and try to stick by it as long as you get the features you need. Some come with bundled accessories whereas other models allow you to add accessories to the main table. The bundled accessories may save you lots of dollars compared to buying them individually.

Type to buy

For home use, consider purchasing a portable massage table. It is lightweight, easy to move, stores in small spaces and you can carry it for trips. It is also excellent for someone training to be a massage therapist or is a beginner.

Professional use demands a sturdy stationary table. It will serve a large variety of clients and deliver for a long time due to its durability. A hydraulic or electric option suits the office-bound professionals. Many clients will appreciate its ease of adjustment. It is however very pricey.

Wood or aluminum frame?

The wooden massage table frames tend to be very heavy. They, however, have a classic look that many prefer. A table with an aluminum frame is lighter and very strong. Some people, however, do not like its look.

Table weight

Weight is not an issue for the stationary or hydraulic types. They have a limited need to be moved around. However, when it comes to the portable massage tables, weight is crucial. Consider something between 22 and 30 pounds.

Width and height

Tables vary in sizes hence the importance to choose the one with the right width and height. Both the client and the masseuse need comfort during the sessions, and these two dimensions play a major role.

Most tables range from 28 to 35 inches in width and 20 to 36 inches in height. Since the width is not adjustable, it is crucial that you get it right when purchasing. A width of 29 to 31 will work well. Some tables will allow you to adjust the height to at least 10 inches. The bets height should get the table to touch the hip joint of the masseuse.

Upholstery type

Most massage tables have vinyl plastic upholstery. This material is very strong and durable. It is also oil and water-resistant. It is, however, not an environmentally friendly material and some people may have an issue with it. Some tables have PU leather, a soft and durable synthetic material. It is an environmentally friendly option but does not resist water or oil.

Padding type

A good massage table should have some foam under the upholstery for comfort. The best option would be high-density foam since it does not flatten or sag with time. Tables with more than three inches of padding are not good; they will make the client uncomfortable since the foam does not provide adequate cushioning.


When buying the best massage table, it will be better when you use this guide. They are so many on the market that it will confuse you resulting in you choosing the wrong one. Start by checking what you need before going shopping. This is the best way to identify the features that will serve your needs. For those who travel a lot or provide the massage service at client’s homes, a portable type will serve you best. Consider the padding density and thickness as it determines the comfort. The upholstery is crucial as it defines the aesthetics, oil proofing, and waterproofing. The longest warranty will give you peace of mind even when you buy the pricey models.

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