Top 10 Best Motorcycle Battery in 2019 Reviews

Those new to motorcycles may assume there is no difference in the motorcycle battery requirements. There is a lot that goes into selecting the right battery for your bike. The right battery will make you prepared for the ride and to manage your motorcycle on the road effectively.

Purchase a battery that will be energy efficient, reliable, durable, and that which can keep its power longer. When you consider these and other factors and match them with your bike’s requirements, you will have no problems.

1 Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

This motorcycle battery replaces the Yuasa YIX30L-BS and is five times lighter than the regular lead-acid batteries. It includes foam spacers to fit multiple size battery boxes. The battery features quad terminal configuration so you can mount it in any direction and install in a couple of minutes.

The cold cranking amp of 480 and replaces a lead-acid range of 26-35 Ah. The battery can efficiently operate between 0-140 degrees F and has a maximum charge rate of 10 Amps. The battery measures 6.49 inches in length, 3.38-inch width, and 5.11 inches in height.Buy Now on Amazon

2 Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

This battery comes as a kit that you can assemble at home and get it ready for use. It comes with pre-measured acid tubes you can easily empty into the battery, and then seal it to create a sealed, spill-proof battery. The battery does not need a refill but can be charged periodically if need be. It comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It fits several motorcycle models from Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Honda, and Yamaha. The battery is powerful enough to support these big bikes. It is a 12-volt, 18 Ah battery with 270 cold cranking amps. To make it even better, it is maintenance-free. You will not need to add water or do anything to it in its lifetime. The acid is absorbed in the special plates and absorbed glass mat, therefore, making it spill-proof. The advanced lead-calcium technology can hold its gravity more than three times longer than the conventional battery.Buy Now on Amazon

3 ThrottleX Batteries HDX30L Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

ThrottleX Batteries HDX30L Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

Experience a ride powered by this reliable and powerful HDX30L battery. It fits some Harley Davidson models including Electra Glide from 1997 to 2016 models, Road Glide from 1998 to 2016, Street Glide from 2006 to 2016 models, Tri Glide from 2009 to 2016, and the Ultra Classic from the year 1997 to 2016 models.

It is a replacement for the Harley Battery 66010 (-97A, -97B, and -97C) and is made at the same manufacturing facility as the original equipment Harley battery. It uses the AGM technology, a highly porous microfiber separator that fully absorbs the acid hence its lead-proof feature. You will feel the confidence as you ride on this battery.Buy Now on Amazon

4 ThrottleX Batteries MX20L – MOTORCYCLE BATTERY – 500+ CCA

ThrottleX Batteries MX20L - MOTORCYCLE BATTERY - 500+ CCA

Experience more than just performance with the MX20L. Every riding enthusiast will love its performance. It’s a factory activated AGM battery and will not spill or leak whatever angle it is installed. It has excellent vibration resistance hence the longer service life, durability, performance, and safety.

The absorbed glass mat separator is tear resistant and protected by full frame plates for increased cranking amps and very low discharge rates. The battery will meet and even exceed the specifications of your original motorcycle battery. It has a lot of quick starting power and will not disappoint you even in cold weather.Buy Now on Amazon

5 ACDelco ATX20LBS Specialty AGM Powersports JIS 20L-BS Battery

ACDelco ATX20LBS Specialty AGM Powersports JIS 20L-BS Battery

With this AGM battery, you can power snowmobiles, ATV, and motorcycles. They are completely spill-proof and leakproof as long as you fill and seal them correctly. They come dry when ordered for maximum freshness. Just add the acid and seal, and the absorbed glass mat will make it completely spill-proof and leakproof. They require few charges and will last longer than the regular battery.

It will hold its power three times longer than the lead-acid batteries. They are fully maintenance-free. You do not need to add anything once you add the acid and seal. The batteries are engineered for vibration resistance hence the longer life. They will meet the original equipment specifications.Buy Now on Amazon

6 WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery HJTZ5S-FP-IL

WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery HJTZ5S-FP-IL

The battery is manufactured and assembled in one location to ensure consistent quality. It is super lightweight at about 50-70% lighter than the conventional ones. It features a built-in LED test gauge and has increased cranking amps compared to the lead-acid batteries.

It charges very fast and can come to 90% charges in just 6 minutes. It has a longer life since it has up to 12 times more cycles than the regular batteries. It can last up to a year before requiring a recharge; this is among the longest shelf lives on the market.

Mount the battery in any position and have no fear of leaks or spill. It will not expose you any hazardous acids or heavy metals like the conventional battery. The Lithium Ion Polymer technology is noncombustible and non-explosive. This design and safety make it safe to transport hence no shipping restrictions. The battery comes with a 1-year warranty within which time you can get support and can return it in case there is a problem.Buy Now on Amazon

7 Chrome Battery YTX14-BS High Performance Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

Chrome Battery YTX14-BS High Performance Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

This gel battery has advanced features including a built-in intelligent chip and a digital display. You can read the voltage and alternator levels and also be warned by the alarm when there is a low voltage or capacity abnormalities. The battery will record your working date when it is installed and has a conveniently longer life cycle than regular batteries.

The tough bridge welding helps absorb vibrations and makes the battery a premium choice for power sports activities. The battery is powerful and maintenance-free due to the injected gel electrolyte. It does not spill or leak and will serve you for a longer time.Buy Now on Amazon

8 Throttlex Batteries ADX12-BS AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

Throttlex Batteries ADX12-BS AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

The ADX12-BS battery is sure to give you above average power and longer life. It uses absorbed glass mat which makes the battery maintenance-free, sealed and non-spill. You can install it at whatever angle, and it will not leak or cause any danger.

You do not need to refill the battery, and it will meet and exceed the requirements of your motorcycle. The sulfation resistant plates provide a longer life for the battery. It can hold its voltage longer making the battery ready whenever you need it. It has an extended life and very low discharge rate. The product will fit your ride and perform beyond your expectations. The battery is shipped fully charged and ready to install.Buy Now on Amazon

9 Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS | 30L-BS High Performance Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

Chrome Battery YTX30L-BS | 30L-BS High Performance Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

The YIX30L-BS sealed batteries are made of lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology. This makes it completely maintenance-free and a high performer for motorcycles. It is manufactured with the highest quality materials and is rigorously tested to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Enjoy the 18-month warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. It will not spill or leak and requires no water addition. The battery is sealed to prevent corrosion hence extended battery life.Buy Now on Amazon

10 BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery

BikeMaster AGM Platinum II Battery

Get the power of the BikeMaster Platinum II battery made with AGM technology. It has a longer storage life, and better performance standards compare to the standard lead-acid batteries. It is permanently sealed, meaning no maintenance and no adding water. The battery has excellent cold cranking amps, longer service life and resists sulfating. Once activated, the battery will require charging if you store it for long periods.Buy Now on Amazon

Motorcycle battery Buying guide

Categories of batteries

Batteries come in different categories each one with its pros and cons. You can expect many different things from motorcycle batteries. Here are the main ones.

Rechargeable batteries

These batteries do not need immediate replacement since you can recharge them many, many times.

Sealed batteries

These batteries do not require maintenance. They can serve you for a long time without any cleaning or whatever maintenance. They have lead-acid electrodes suspended in dilute sulfuric acid.

Unsealed batteries

These types require more maintenance. They are also known as wet batteries. You need to top the water through the top-mounted caps regularly. These types discharge faster when left standing. Among the categories, these are the batteries with the highest need for maintenance.

Battery types

Gel motorcycle battery

They are also known as gel acid batteries. They use an acid gel instead of the liquid acid as an electrolyte. These are the sealed types of batteries which are maintenance-free. No worry about topping them off.
They have product numbers beginning with YT, GT, or CT. Their main advantage is that the gel stays in place and does not move around. Even if you mount the battery at an angle, the electrolyte will not leave the cells, therefore, no risk of damage to the cells.

Dry cell batteries

These batteries are not actually dry cells but are sealed at the factory. This ensures they remain maintenance-free. There is no evaporation of the electrolyte hence the maintenance-free feature.
Some come with the acid solution so you can add it to the cells after purchase. However, once done and sealed, you should not open it again for its entire lifetime.

Absorbent glass-matt

Shortened to AGM, thee batteries use a special glass matt to keep the electrolyte between the lead plates.This reduces the resistance within the battery, therefore, providing a higher discharge. They are cheaper than gel batteries and provide more power. Their demerit is that they are not able to cycle as many times as the gel types.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

They may be higher in price, but the LFP motorcycle batteries are becoming increasingly sought. They are lightweight and offer a big benefit to off-road applications. This technology is still new to the market but is claimed to outlive the acid batteries. They also deliver higher and more consistent voltage necessary for starting a bike. Their self-discharge is much slower than the conventional acid batteries.

Features to look out for

Riding style

The battery you buy depends on your riding style. That used for occasional joyrides is different from the one used for extensive daily rides. The battery should also match your motorcycle type and its requirements. Those ridden infrequently will require more powerful and longer-lasting batteries compared to the motorcycle that you use daily. This is because the alternator rarely reenergizes the occasionally used battery so it should keep power longer.

Cost and price

Prices may differ from merchant to merchant. It is crucial that you research around and confirm that the price given by the merchant is close to or lower than the suggested retail price. Consider the maintenance cost if the battery is not a maintenance-free type.

Bike size and power ratings

Bigger motorcycles usually require a battery output of 12 volts. A smaller bike will, however, require a six-volt battery. You should also consider the recommended amp rating before purchasing a motorbike battery.
The bigger bikes or those with many electronics will require a more powerful battery. The basic bikes will not demand more power except to start and run a few electronics.

Automatic drain

With lead-acid batteries, there is a daily power drain of 0.5-1% if they are not used often. If you do not check or use the motorcycle frequently, you may find the battery flat. You must, however, take care not to overcharge it as this may damage the battery. Just balance the charging to prolong its life.

Cold cranking amps

Also known as CCA, it is a measure of the cranking amps your battery will deliver. This relates to the amps delivered at 320 F for 30 seconds as it keeps the voltage at 1.2 V per cell. It is crucial that you read the motorbike manual for the recommended rating. This rating should be the same even at 00 F. This will help you in the case of cold start and keep the battery running even in very cold weather or infrequent use.
Essential factors to consider


It is crucial that you look at the battery’s compatibility with your motorbike. Some batteries do not have universal capabilities. Follow the specifications and be as narrow as possible in your selection.

Type of the battery

You must be specific on the battery type for your motorcycle. You can opt for a gel type, absorbed glass mat or a regular lead-acid battery.


Always remember this when purchasing a new motorbike battery. Pick the one with an extensive warranty to enjoy longer manufacturer support. If you develop any problem within the warranty period, you can easily take it back for replacement.


No one will want a battery that requires a lot of effort maintaining. Go for a battery that can retain its power and performance through its life without the need for any significant maintenance.


If you are new to this and is getting more confused. Read the reviews past customers left. These will provide you with a lot of real response from those who have used the models you have an interest in. This will make your decision much easier and an informed one.

Battery life cycle

This depends on several factors, including discharge cycle, temperature, the frequency of usage, and application. Each battery model has a unique number of discharge/charge cycle before it is exhausted. The most common cycle number is 500-1200. Anything below this should begin to worry you.


As you search for the right motorcycle battery, you should take your time and get it right. Purchasing without considering your requirements and the battery types will result in a lot of grief for you. Choose a battery, depending on your situation.

Do not base your decision only on price. Sometimes it is cheap all the way to the quality, and at times, a low price means a quality yet inexpensive product. Consider batteries with a higher Amp Hour, higher CCA, and longer warranties.

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