Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks in 2019 Reviews

Smartphones are great. Scratch that! they’re a necessity. But what do we do when their batteries won’t last long enough to recap a full GOT season on Netflix? We can now charge them from our pockets. That’s the magic of power banks. While these days smartphones process data even faster, they’re more power hungry than ever before.

They come with beautiful, powerful power hogging screens. Customers want faster, lighter devices but battery technology hasn’t changed much. We’re still using the same Lithium-ion cells we used to have three decades ago. All smartphones were designed to be mobile. Staying next to the extension cord is out of the question. You prefer smartphones over notebooks for their mobility, right? Here are the Best Portable Power Banks of this year.

1 Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh

Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh
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This power bank from Anker strikes the perfect balance between battery capacity, style and weight. You get extended battery capacity in a power bank that fits just as easily. As if that’s not enough, it comes with 3.0 fast charging capacity making it the ideal portable charger. This means that it will work with all Android and Apple smartphones.

Those notorious power hogging smartphones are no match for this power bank. It has enough battery capacity to fully charge an iPhone X thrice or an S8 thrice. Compared to other similarly priced Best Portable Power Banks, it outranks them as it features a digital power display.

2 RAVPower 32,000mAh

RAVPower 32,000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon Most power bank manufacturers love using fancy terms such as USB-C but what does this mean to the typical power-hungry smartphone users? They charge your phone relatively faster. This power bank from RAVpower tops this list. It uses smart technology that adjusts the charging voltage depending on your phone’s power demands. This means that your phone is always charging at its optimal capacity.

It is worth noting that even though this power bank offers 32,000mAh of charging capacity, you’ll only receive up to 22,000mAh. I won’t go into details on how these power bank conversions are done.

3 RAVPower 16750mAh

RAVPower 16750mAh
Buy Now on Amazon Two years ago, this was RAVPower’s most impressive model. It was outranked by their 32,000mAh model. It’s made it to our list as it comes with two fast charging ports. What does this mean? You get to enjoy double the fun. It has a sleek design making it hard to believe that it’s powered by those conventional Lithium-ion batteries. Would you sacrifice battery life for design? I doubt. RAVPower haven’t done this either.

4 RAVPower 22000mAh

RAVPower 22000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon This is no ordinary power bank, it’s an external battery pack for smartphone users with numerous power-hungry devices. Assume that you’re on a road trip to Disney land with your kids. You’ll need a tablet to keep them entertained, right? This power bank is a lifesaver in these situations. By buying it, you will be essentially killing two birds with one stone – you will get a powerful external battery pack and at an unbeatable price. Why would you ask for more? It has three USB ports. This means that you could even charge all your favourite devices at once.

5 iMuto 30000mAh

iMuto 30000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon This x6 pro model is a big improvement to its predecessor. Imuto has never disappointed us and this power bank is no exception. If you’re looking for a power bank, chances are you’re looking for one that will give you the longest battery life and at a completive rate. This model is relatively affordable. Considering that it comes with two USB type C ports, I would invest in it.

Sadly, this is one heavy power brick. It’s 6.7 inches long and weighs over 1.5 pounds. This is overshadowed by its monochromatic display though. In my opinion, this display is more accurate than those of competing power banks

6 AUKEY 30000mAh

AUKEY 30000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon This is no ordinary USB 3.0 power bank. This is one unique power bank on our list. It is surprisingly small considering that it has a MacBook charging capability. It has a plastic outer casing meaning that its delicate internal components are always protected from abrasion and weather damage. It has a stylish, aesthetic design. You can hold it in our hand with ease. Small enough for easy carrying, you can even slide it into your back pocket. There’s one catch though – it doesn’t have a USB type C.

7 AUKEY 20000mAh

AUKEY 20000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon I love USB 3.0 power banks and for a good reason. They charge smartphones fast. The AUKEY 20000mAh is no exception. In this model, you get enough power to satisfy even the most power demanding devices. Just like all other high capacity power banks, it’s susceptible to capacity drops after conversion. In this model, you’re only getting 14,800Ah charging capacity. This is enough to fully charge the typical smartphone five times.

8 Lumina 10000mAh

Lumina 10000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon Looking for a power bank on a budget? You won’t find a better deal. While this is by no means the best power bank, you’re getting extra value for your money. It boasts an impressive charging speed, its portable and it comes at an unbeatable price. We have to make sacrifices and with this power bank, we’re compromising on the aesthetic casing. At first, I was impressed by its fast charging capacity. However, this rate drops when you try to charge two smartphones simultaneously.

9 SOLICE® 20000mAh

SOLICE® 20000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon For its price, you’re getting a dual power bank at a bargain. This model from Solice charges up to two devices simultaneously. It comes with a stylish LED charge level indicator making it the ideal power bank for those who want to extend capacities while on the go

10 Uni-Yeap 11000mAh

Uni-Yeap 11000mAh
Buy Now on Amazon Why’s this among the Best Portable Power Banks? It has enough power capacity to fully charge an iPhone 6 (or 7) four times. It’s powered by smart detection capacity meaning that it can efficiently charge different smartphones efficiently irrespective of their power demands. You will know when it needs to be recharged through its LED indicator.


The best power banks have one thing in common – they all offer extras. Are you looking for the typical power bank that just charges your [phone or you want something less boring? Smartphones are a big investment, You can never risk having one that’s always dying when you need it.

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